And we’re off!

Avon Walk 2008 is officially off to a start — I had my first ‘training’ walk and got my first donation yesterday! 

My mom and I walked once around the Rose Bowl, a three mile loop.  We have to work towards a 15 minute mile, which means we’re gonna need to speed up a little otherwise we’re going to get left behind in the marathon!  So far so good though, three miles isn’t too bad since I usually do a walk around that distance once a week or so, I think it’s those 8 milers that are going to get me…

Today we went to get suited up with some new walking shoes — man those things can be ugly!  I tried to avoid the ones decked out in bright silver and orange stripes, but still got stuck with some flashiness on my new kicks.  Oh well, as long as they keep me from getting blisters and ruining my feet I’m happy.  Once I get a few miles on them I’m sure they’ll dull down a little : )

Coming up soon I’ll have an update on showing my friend from London the sights in LA, we had a blast around town! 


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