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Back on Track

I’ve been slacking on my training for the Avon marathon.  The same walk routes get old, walking takes too long, I have too much work to do… all the usual excuses to avoid any kind of exercise.  I’m supposed to be walking 14-17 miles a week at this point, and I think I’ve been doing all of… 3.  Maybe 4, if I push myself.

Well I managed to get off my lazy booty and push myself  (or, rather my mom pushed me) over Memorial Day weekend and I think I’m getting back on track.  Kind of.  We took the train up to Monterey to get out of Los Angeles for a couple of days, and the main event of our trip was a 9-mile walk from Asilomar beach to Sand City, with a lunch break at Fisherman’s Warf (mmm clam chowder in a bread bowl, the big draw that pulls me to Monterey).

Walk along the beach

Asilomar Beach

The miles go by pretty quickly when you have gorgeous scenery surrounding you.  And it was nice to get away from looking at the same old houses in my Eagle Rock neighborhood, as much as I enjoy seeing which neighbors like to keep their homes’ decor close to their trailer park roots and which strive for a more aesthetically pleasing modern style.

Leavin\' LA...

Escape from LA

And as much as I love exploring the city of LA, this train trip up the coast of California was one of the best things I’ve done since moving back here.  The train goes through parts of the coast that you can’t see otherwise, and there is not one mile that fails to show how beautiful the Golden State really is — from the striking mountains in the background to the vivid green valleys stretching along the tracks, and the sparkling shoreline running along next to it all. 

This is California

This is California…

Besides the gorgeous backdrop, being on the train is such an enjoyable way to travel.  On the way up we took part in a wine tasting in the Parlor Car, complete with cheese, wine from the Santa Barbara area, and conversation with other passengers (which would never happen on a plane where the main goal is to avoid the snoring guy with B.O. sitting next to you).  We had our meals in the Dining Car, which definitely beat out airplane food by a long shot.  And the trip is just relaxing, sitting in the big chairs reading, chatting, or just staring out of the window.  No hurrying through security lines, being crammed into a tiny seat with no leg room, or trying to take a nap while a baby screams in your ear.

The route takes you through Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, the San Francisco Bay area, and on up to Seattle, Washington (the entire trip takes about 40 hours, something I’d love to be able to do someday).  From Union Station to Salinas was about 9 hours, and the trains surprisingly ran pretty much on schedule.  For a leisurely trip away from the rat race of Los Angeles, this is definitely the way to go.

Link to the Great Escape:

Coastal Starlight Train Trip 


And we’re off!

Avon Walk 2008 is officially off to a start — I had my first ‘training’ walk and got my first donation yesterday! 

My mom and I walked once around the Rose Bowl, a three mile loop.  We have to work towards a 15 minute mile, which means we’re gonna need to speed up a little otherwise we’re going to get left behind in the marathon!  So far so good though, three miles isn’t too bad since I usually do a walk around that distance once a week or so, I think it’s those 8 milers that are going to get me…

Today we went to get suited up with some new walking shoes — man those things can be ugly!  I tried to avoid the ones decked out in bright silver and orange stripes, but still got stuck with some flashiness on my new kicks.  Oh well, as long as they keep me from getting blisters and ruining my feet I’m happy.  Once I get a few miles on them I’m sure they’ll dull down a little : )

Coming up soon I’ll have an update on showing my friend from London the sights in LA, we had a blast around town! 

Pink Ribbon

I’ve added a link to my Avon Walk page to the right.  Check it out to see more information about the event and to donate to the cause.

Your contribution will help to support medical research into the possible causes of and cure for breast cancer, education and early detection programs, and clinical care and support services for women with breast cancer in communities across the country.  There is a special focus on helping medically underserved women, the poor, minorities, the elderly, or those with inadequate health insurance.  And much of the money granted by the Foundation goes back to the communities where it was raised, supporting everything from local grassroots programs to national organizations.  

Thanks in advance for your support!

Avon Walk Los Angeles

 I may be crazy, but I’ve decided to do the Avon Walk for breast cancer this year.  A marathon and a half over two days… just thinking about it is more than a little daunting! But, I think this is the year to do what my mom described as a “life changing experience.”  She’ll be training and doing the Big Walk with me this year too.  So far she’s in the lead for fundraising, and reminding me of it every day! 

Oh yeah, that’s another big part of the walk… fundraising.  To participate you have to fundraise at least $1800 for the Avon Foundation, which will go towards providing access to care for those that most need it, fund educational programs, and accelerate research into new treatments and potential cures.  I’ve got a lot of ideas, the trick is putting them into action!

 This is such an important cause to me because this year, an estimated 40,000 women will die from the disease. Breast cancer takes another life every 14 minutes. Another woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 3 minutes. An estimated three million women are living with breast cancer. One million of them don’t yet know it.  Everyone has probably been affected by this disease at some point, whether through a personal health scare or witnessing a friend or loved one go through it.

The walk starts and ends in Long Beach.  I’ll complete a marathon (26 miles) on Saturday, camp out over night, then complete a half marathon (13 miles) on Sunday.  Then I’ll get the longest massage I can afford…

If you want to help, or have any questions for me, feel free to ask!