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To Mothers and Good Food

My grandma came down to LA for a visit to celebrate Mother’s Day.  That always means good food, and this weekend was no exception.  Friday night we had dinner at Cafe Beaujolai, a local French favorite in Eagle Rock.  The food is always good and the waiters are always entertaining there. 

The highlight of our dining was yesterday though, when my family went to the Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena for a Mother’s Day Tea.  Located on Green Street and Fair Oaks, this little place is to die for… yummy tea sandwiches, delicious sugary treats, and a wide variety of tea and wines to choose from.  And it is surprisingly filling, so be prepared to go into a food coma soon after!



You choose four out of several tasty options… I got prosciutto and roasted red bell pepper, smoked salmon and chive, olive tapenade and roasted bell pepper, and the classic cucumber tea sandwich.  All were delicious and made me want more!  The scones that came with the tea tray were also very good and came in a range of flavors, we had  a chocolate chip and several different fruit ones.

sugar overload

 These little desserts don’t look like they’d be enough, but each one is made of enough sugar to keep a 5-year-old hyper til her 21st birthday.  I would have been fine with more sandwiches and the almond champagne that we started with, especially since we had strawberries framboise in a chocolate cup right after these.  Sugar overload! 

To all the mothers...

 Happy Mother’s Day!


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