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Loungin’ Around in Eagle Rock

There has been talk about Eagle Rock being the new Silver Lake, the next “hip” spot to be in LA.  While I’m not so sure about that (although I do love my town!), it has become the place where stylish spots to eat and drink are popping up right and left.  In the past few years we’ve seen several bars revamped for ___(Marty’s, the York), a stylish sushi restaurant opened its doors (Mia Sushi), a contemporary soul food joint moved in (Larkin’s), and multiple “healthy” fast-food options (Taco Spot, Spitz) have entered the scene.

And now we have yet another hip hang out spot joining the ranks on Colorado Boulevard… the CT Lounge, a comfortable but modern atmosphere where it’s all about choice. 

It was a sweltering day, one of those where it is impossible to cool down, especially when going from one place to another around town. As my final stop I decided to check out Eagle Rock’s newest hot spot. Walking through the unassuming doors into the dark and deliciously cool CT Lounge, where deep purple curtains blocked out the overwhelming sunlight beating down on Colorado Boulevard, was exactly the relief I needed after running errands in the blistering heat. Once my eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness, I climbed into one of the futuristic-looking booths and relaxed into the cool atmosphere. With multiple big screen TVs on every wall and a good-vibe soundtrack playing overhead, the CT Lounge is definitely the place to chill out on a hot day. An ice cold beer completes the picture.

The CT Lounge is an offshoot of the Coffee Table Bistro, owned and operated by Mike Zammarrippa. Mike originally came to Eagle Rock to open a second location of his Silver Lake eatery, the Coffee Table. As in Silver Lake, when he opened the doors to the new restaurant there was a major lack of local eating establishments. It wasn’t too long before other eateries followed suit, and now Eagle Rock is full of food delights, with more on the way. Mike explains that when Chic’s Liquor closed its doors (right next door to the Coffee Table) he saw “an opportunity to take what was once a liquor store with a very bad reputation and create something that Eagle Rock lacked – a nicely designed space where one could go to watch a movie or see a game.” Another key element in opening the CT Lounge was the desire to “distinguish ourselves by having the largest variety of premium beer in the Northeast area,” states Mike. And they do have variety: 16 beers on tap and over 100 bottled beers available to thirsty customers. To satisfy the patrons’ hunger, the CT Lounge also serves up a variety of tasty burgers and munchies, they have even included some healthy salads into the bar food mix.

Along with having a relaxing environment with a fun vibe, Mike wants the CT Lounge to be known as a place “where the staff is friendly, the food is good, and the variety of beer is amazing.” This proves to be a winning mixture among the Eagle Rock crowd. During a recent Lakers’ game there was not a seat to be found in the bar, with Oxy college students making up a large percentage of the bar-goers. Aside from the mouth-watering food and large beer selection, the Lounge is simply a great place to hang out. Multiple flat screen TVs and a huge projection TV constantly play various sporting events or movies, while a Touch Tunes Internet Juke Box gives patrons “just about every song ever recorded” to choose from to blast throughout the bar. The CT Lounge’s Monday Movie Night is also sure to draw a crowd, with films like Young Frankenstein projected on the big screen.

The CT Lounge will be the place to hang out this summer. Stop in and cool down with a beer and great atmosphere.



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